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Our Services

We work on the concept of creating value for clients, in pursuit of providing clients with comprehensive professional services

Accounting & Outsourcing Services

We provide assistance in all areas of general accounting, payroll, business tax reporting requirements, and financial statements. Our accounting team will maintain accurate, up-to-date business data, as well as analyze the information to provide strategies to improve your bottom-line. In the mainland, this includes preparing the monthly accounts and reports that must be provided to the tax bureau and other authorities. In compliance with Chinese regulations, we prepare these documents in Chinese, taking into account the prescribed formats and other documentary requirements.

  • Accounting and preparation of accounting reports
  • Perennial and individual financial advisors 
  • Purchase, Development and Computerized Accounting System Consulting
  • Redeployment of employees to client companies to fill short-term vacancies
  • Processing payment matters

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Room 2405-2406, Building A, No. 5022, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China



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